The home birth midwives of Maryland are an independent body of midwives who are accountable to the families we serve by upholding professional standards of midwifery care. AIMM promotes greater understanding of the role of home birth and midwifery in Maryland by acting as the authority on the practice of home birth midwifery in Maryland to other professional, legal, government, media and educational entities. By providing a framework for support and accountability for Maryland home birth midwives, AIMM works to preserve a person's right to choose the site and care provider for their birth.

What We Do

  • Educate the public, legislators and other healthcare providers about home birth midwifery in Maryland through community outreach
  • Coordinate with hospitals and doctors to improve the quality of care for Maryland families in situations of consultation, referral and transfer of care
  • Work on legislative efforts to improve the access to safe, high quality midwifery care for families in Maryland
  • Ensure accountability of Maryland midwives through peer review including reviewing complaints against midwives via standardized incident review processes
  • Support the education and continuing development of Maryland midwives through skill-building workshops and seminars