Baltimore Sun: Bill to allow midwife-attended home births clears Senate

By Pamela Wood, Baltimore Sun

Maryland senators unanimously approved a bill Saturday that allows midwives to assist with home births

The Senate voted 45-0 to approve a version of the midwife bill, which had stalled in previous years.

The House of Delegates earlier voted unanimously to approve the bill. The Senate made only minor changes to the bill.

Women who want to give birth at home seek to change restrictive Md. law

To get the bill to move forward this year, midwives and their supporters had agreed not to initially allow midwives to attend to vaginal births of women who previously had a Cesarean section, but required a committee to report on the safety of such births.

Current Maryland law does not allow midwives who are not also licensed as nurses to attend home births. A total of 28 states license and regulate the non-nurse midwives, known as certified professional midwives.